The Best Portable Vaporizers

Vaporizers have been getting a lot of press recently and for good reason. These are machines built to heat marijuana to a certain “sweet spot” that releases all the desired cannabinoids without the undesired carcinogens that come from marijuana combustion. Vaporizers come in many different sizes and shapes; they can take up a desk or fit in your pocket, the choices are endless. Some of the best portable vaporizers don’t even use regular ground up marijuana, but instead use concentrated essential marijuana oils. If you’re getting bored with joints and pipes or if you want to look for a healthier alternative to enjoy your fine herbs, vaporizers are the answer.

Regardless of the type or model of your vaporizer, the principles are pretty much the same. There is a heating unit inside every device that is fully adjustable. You let the vaporizer warm up to the desired temperature and then you fill the chamber and enjoy. Instead of thick smoke, you are treated with a smoother vapor that is much easier on the lungs. If you ever had coughing fits after inhaling a toke and left with a sore throat and chest, a vaporizer is for you. The hits are much lighter, but still pack a considerable punch. Also, since there isn’t any smoke, it does not smell as much as a regular smoking session. This is key for people who want to keep their habit on the down low or to please neighbours who have complained about odours.

When the lack of smell is combined with portability, it gives you a way to enjoy a nice, discreet high wherever you are. However, not all portable vaporizers are created equal. Many of the inferior designs are usually very complicated to use and do not regulate the temperature well enough to give you a consistent stream of vapor. The best portable vaporizers are usually very simple to fill and use. The Magic Flight Launchbox and Pax Vaporizer are two of the best in the market and are very small. They easily fit in your pocket and have good battery life for a few sessions.

However, even the best portable vaporizer can’t substitute for those times when you have a few friends over and want to share the wealth. For those times, look to the larger, table top models. These models aren’t huge, but you aren’t going to be able to use them on the go. The cream of the crop in larger vaporizer models is the Volcano, but there are other great vaporizers such as Da Buddha, Arizer Extreme, and Silver Surfer. The reason why the Volcano is the tops of the pops is because of the bags. The Volcano doesn’t rely on tubes to supply the vapor, but instead fills large plastic bags with vapor. The bags are fully customizable and really pack a punch. To make things better, you can usually fill a few bags with one load, depending on the size of the bag. The other vaporizers use a more traditional filling chamber that is attached to a tube so the consumer can suck in the vapor. These vaporizers are great for larger groups and will leave everyone on cloud 9.

Unlike the $15 piece you bought at that sketchy cornerstore, the price of vaporizers can get pretty expensive. The best portable vaporizers can run up to a couple of hundred dollars and the larger, table top versions can be even more expensive. Originally, you may scoff at the price, but they are well worth it. Reputable vaporizers come with a warranty that guards against defects. Also, vaporizers use a lot less marijuana compared to using a pipe, rolling a joint, or even making edibles. If you really want to stretch a bud, the vaporizer is the way to go. As a bonus, since the marijuana is not fully combusted and doesn’t turn into ash, instead leaving a dried, brown grind, you can save up your leftovers to create baked goods for later. The initial investment may be high, but the amount of money you’ll save in the long run is even higher.

With proper use and regular cleaning, your vaporizer will be your best friend. Also, remember to choose the vaporizer that fits your needs. The best portable vaporizer will allow you to smoke like a ninja: quickly and quietly. Table top models pack a bigger punch and are great for entertaining. Whatever quality vaporizer you decide to purchase, you will be rewarded. It will allow you to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of marijuana, without the harmful carcinogens found in smoke. After a few weeks, you’ll understand why everyone is going ape for vapes.

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