The Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer is known to be the king of all vapes. It simply has more power, more punch, and with that, more cost. I have owned the Volcano for two years now. The truth is that I purchased it because so many people raved about it, but sometimes I wonder if they only raved about it because they had paid so much for it. I spent $700 for mine including a valve kit. Not cheap.

This machine is build by a company called Storz & Bickel. If you have never seen a Volcano or have no idea what it is, you are best off just visiting the linked site to understand their valve & bag technology. There is no point in me going too deep in to the specifics because if you are thinking about buying this machine and spending over $600 bucks for one I assume you will at least have done some research. What I am writing about today is my thoughts on owning this machine for two years and how it has treated me.

What first attracted me to the Volcano was the fact that it was expensive. I know to some this seems strange but there was something that said to me that this was the Ferrari of vaporizers. I threw down the cash and picked up the classic Volcano with the analog temperature controller and the hard-valve kit. It was $100 more I believe for the digit which allows for very specific temperature settings. I didn’t think it was necessary. If you are a baller and have tons of cash then by all means get the best, you are already spending so much anyway. This purchase was a big one for me and having to convince the wife that  it was worth it at $700 was already a task.

Upon opening the box it was slightly confusing with all the new pieces I had to deploy for a single sesh, but would ultimately become extremely easy to use after a few tries. They include awesome instructions which explains every aspect of the Volcano  including cleaning. When you use the Volcano there is a bag which is filled with vapor and the bag can fill quite quickly depending on its size. What happens is pressure on the bag makes it seem like the bag will explode if the airflow is left on, but that never happened to me and I don’t think it is powerful enough to do so. You probably shouldn’t be leaving it like that anyway, there is no real need to fill the bag to the max.

volcano The Volcano Vaporizer

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For your first few sessions with the Volcano you will still be learning the proper temperature to set your machine at. You will also find that as your product gets used that you might turn the temp up to get the last bit of THC activated. Don’t forget that different strains activate at different temperatures. You must use your brain and experience to start finding the sweet spot.

Upon inhaling the vapor you will not only feel its potency but the vapor will be filled with the taste of the strain, this is something I actually really like. You get to truly experience the strain and its uniqueness. Of course, as you bag a few time off one ‘bowl’ it will begin to weaken in strength. I find 2-3 bags is enough for me and I will save the heated material in a separate container. That is another post in itself but the leftover herb can be saved and then used in edibles. A month or two of using the Volcano regularly will net you enough herb to derive a batch of brownies worth of herb butter.

Your high will typically be felt quickly but can be just as equally fleeting. It is however a very clean feeling. If you used the Volcano you will still have awesome highs and without the strain on the throat and to some more importantly, there will be very little after effects or next-day grogginess.

Two years later I find myself using it on occasion. Not daily. Its great if you normally smoke in the same spot everyday. But if you like to be social, active, or around a lot of people when you sesh then this is not for you. But it is great for those who like gaming or movies. The machine is a bit loud so you will have to pause the movie  – so maybe it is more suited to tv series. This is also good for people with high tolerance but want to avoid the smell of smoking 81 blunts a day.

The truth is I am not sure I got my money’s worth. It was expensive and I still prefer a glass triple perc piece. But as I said above if you don’t need portability, want power, and low smell, this is great for that. Is it the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be? I’m not sure, so I guess I’ll just have to keep vaping.