A Complete Review on the Magic Flight Launch Box

The day that the Magic Flight Launch Box aka MFLB came into my life my smoking habits changed forever. It is truly a beautiful device but like everything has its downsides. Today I want to go over everything you need to know before deciding to purchase one of these portable vaporizers.


What is the Magic Flight Launch Box

The MFLB is a small, very fast heating, portable and personal vaporizer. The Magic Flight Website says that it can be “used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.” This is very true. It is a wonderful alternative to smoking and comes with the huge plus of being completely portable. The launch box itself is about the size of a two fingers and is very lightweight. Inside there is a metal element which is heated upon inserting the battery and holding it. Within 5-10 seconds you will be inhaling perfectly vaped product. From personal use I always find that the second use is better because you have already warmed up the unit.

launch box vape A Complete Review on the Magic Flight Launch Box

Photo from the MFLB Website

MFLB Details

What you see above is what is enclosed in the MFLB package. You receive two rechargeable batteries used to power the unit. They come with plastic caps because it is very easy for the batteries to stop working if they come into contact with certain materials. As long as you take care of them they will be fine but I have experienced a bad battery before. Its really nice to have two though because then you can always carry a fully charged battery.

In the middle photo we see the launch box itself and the brush and glass tubing which is inserted to the box and makes vapor intake very easy. I myself have at time just sucked straight from the box. Up to you. The dry material, the finer the better, is placed into the box and covered by the top clear piece. The batters are inserted in a hole which is not visible but close to the top left of the unit in this photo. And finally the box on the right houses all of the pieces and is very compact.

Should I buy a Magic Flight Launch Box?

If you want to be able to smoke anywhere, and I mean anywhere, (sometimes I bring it to bed) then this unit is for you. Beware users that there is still a light odor which would easily be noticed in a movie theater for instance. It is not 100% stealth in that manner. But if you want to be able to have a portable vape which can’t be easier to use then this is for you. It is made in the USA and is relatively cheap. I picked up mine for $120 at a local shop. I’ve probably used mine 200 times and no problems other than the one bad battery. You can still get amazing powerful highs and use so little product that you will save a lot of money as well.

I caution however that if you crave that deep lung impact then this isn’t for you. Its a clean way to intake your product and its portable, if you require those two things then I highly recommend the MFLB.