G Pen Review

The G Pen by Grenco Science is a nifty little device that is a combination of power and portability. Joining the long list of vaporizer pens, the G Pen is a sleek device that fits in any pocket and many people will just mistake it for an electronic cigarette. But is it one of the best portable vaporizers out there on the market? I’ll answer that my G Pen review.

What is it?

The G Pen is one of many pen vaporizers available to consumers. It can only be used with concentrates such as oil, butter, and shatter (there is an herb tank option to use with green and I will discuss that later in the G Pen review). There are many versions of the G Pen and in many different styles. Grenco Science has really concentrated on many different versions of their G Pen. They even just announced a Snoop Dogg version of their G Pen. Although looks may be important to you, all of these pens use the same internal mechanisms. The G Pen is split into three parts. There is the mouth piece, the heating element and battery compartment, and the vaporizing chamber. All of these parts are replaceable if the need ever arises.

gpen vaporizer G Pen Review

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How to Use it

The G Pen has a tiny heating coil that is used to vaporizer the concentrates. First, you have to pull the mouthpiece off the G Pen to get access to the vaporizing chamber. This is where you encounter one of the biggest problems of the G Pen. There is a rubber cap that seals off the vaporizing chamber and it must be removed to fill it. However, getting this cap off is very cumbersome and difficult. There have been instances where I’ve damaged the filling chamber while trying to get the cap off. The cap is so troublesome that I usually leave it off to save the trouble of taking it out again.

Filling the chamber is very simple with one of the included accessories. After you have filled to your desired amount, close it back up and press the button. Then all you have to do is inhale and enjoy that vapor. Like any vaporizer, it is better to take a consistent drag to get the maximum effectiveness. The vapor from the G Pen does not taste very good and even sometimes tastes a little metallic. I’ve taken dabs before and that is a much tastier option.

The G Pen’s battery life is one of its strongest selling points. When fully charged, this baby will last you many sessions before you need to plug it back up. This is key because it adds to the portability and ease of use of the G Pen.

Herbal Chamber

The base G Pen only vaporizes concentrates. If you wanted to use bud then you need to buy the herb tank. I’ve used the herb tank a few times and I have to say it is an essential accessory for the G Pen. It takes very little green to fill and gives you a lot of hits. However, this turns your G Pen into an electronic pipe, not a vaporizer. The Herb Tank uses combustion to burn the green instead of vaporizing it. So if you’re looking to just stick to vaping, then this accessory is not for you. But, if you don’t mind smoking, then this is a great accessory. This turns the G Pen into one of the strongest, yet most efficient devices I’ve ever used. You use just a little green but the strength is very high. The G Pen with the Herb Tank is one of the strongest devices I’ve used to enjoy green.

 G Pen Review

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Is it Worth it?

The G Pen retails for around $100. This puts it in the same category as the Magic Flight Launch Box and other similar pen vaporizers. You can find much cheaper options on other websites such as eBay, but be aware that there are a lot of fake G Pens out there.

At $100, I would say the G Pen is not worth it. The device is well made and works well, but I don’t find it strong enough for my uses and there are other options out there. I would only recommend it if you were to use it with a herb tank, but that adds to the costs. However, if you are able to snag a G Pen for under retail price and also buy the herb tank, then I would say that it is worth it.

Bottom Line

Buy it for under retail and get the herb tank and you’ll have one of the best portable vaporizers around.