How To Clean Your Vaporizer

Does your vaporizer look like it has seen better days? The tubing is all caked up with resin? Do you want to experience your vaporizer like you did the first day you bought it?  Keep reading and you will learn how.

What you’ll need:

1)   Isopropyl Alcohol/Rubbing Alcohol (Anything above 90% proof)

2)   Epsom Salt

3)  Nail/Screw for any tubing

You can find these two at any local pharmacy or store. Cleaning your vaporizer is essential to maintaining the effectiveness and lifespan. Much like a car, it needs to be tuned up and cleaned once in a while. Resin can be extremely sticky and it makes it look like a five-dollar hooker.


These parts you can soak them with the rubbing alcohol, this will dissolve majority of the resin caked up in your fine machine.

To soak, put all the metal/glass pieces in a glass, dish, or ziplock bag. Fill up whichever container you chose with the alcohol and Epsom salt.  Shake gently now and then to allow the alcohol and Epsom salt to break up the resin. (Brass) screens can be taken out less than an hour and larger glass parts should be left to stand overnight. After you remove the pieces out, rinse all the pieces with warm-hot water removing resin that the alcohol didn’t.


Tubing can be cleaned in a similar way, using the alcohol and Epsom salt. Although one should rinse thoroughly with warm-hot water. When the tube starts to show discoloration or contains a nasty taste, other options include running a nail/screw with a head slightly larger than the inside diameter of the tube and push it through (connect it to a piece of steel wire to use as a plunge. Using a bent paperclip to remove resin from the part where your tube is connected to your wand or herb holder. Lastly, simply replacing the tube, medical grade silicon tubing can be found at a medical supply store, just make sure you use the right diameter.

Now go clean that vaporizer and happy vaping!

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