Persei Vaporizer

This badboy is a portable concentrate and herbal pen vape. It comes in polished chrome and matte black. I picked up the chrome version a few months ago as I began to dabble more in concentrates. When you open up the box for the first time you are greeted by a number of parts including: 1 single cartridge top, 1 double cartridge top, 1 battery, 2 drip tips, an original concentrate cartridge and the charger.

Persei 300x300 Persei Vaporizer

The Persei is very light and its portability is undeniable. It still maintains its robustness as it is made of stainless steel. With this vape you are able to hold up to 1.0g of concentrate. The manufacture claims that you can get 400 metered doses of 1.0g but I find it to be slightly lower, somewhere in the 250-300 range which is still ample.

The Persei Vape will do all herbs, oils and any other extract you want. What’s awesome is that you can switch cartridges wihtout waiting for it to run out and can mix herbs and oils. Ultimately what sold me on this unit was the replaceable batteries, having dual cartridges, a variable power setting and fast heating.

I’ve heard others discuss clogs with their unit but I don’t seem to have that much of an issue. I do clean all of my units regularly as I like to enjoy the finest vapor the unit can offer. There are lots of tips out there should you need help with issues like clogging or other problems, but I don’t have much to say about this unit other than it does a great job of what its intended to do. Its fast and portable, the battery is quite solid compared to some other units. I’ve seen this unit on sale on a few websites but typically the lowest price is at GrassCity.