Smoking High vs Vape High

Smoking marijuana and vaping marijuana are two very different things. A vape high vs. a smoke high are two similar, but ultimately different experiences. You will be high after your session, but both give you a different type of high. I’m going to explain my experiences with both types of highs and how they are different.

Smoking High

This is the most common type of high and one we all know well. Smoking highs give you a nice feeling in your head, your body, and a dry mouth,. You may get the munchies and will overall be in a very good mood. Depending on how much you smoke, you may feel heavy and lazy. When smoking a lot of marijuana, it is easy to get stuck on the couch, even though your mind will be in the sky. Some negatives of a smoking high can be a dry mouth and cough, depending on how much you’ve smoked. Also, you will smell after a smoking session because of the smoke sticking on your clothes and residual oils on your fingers and mouth. Still, smoking weed is a fine way to relax, dull pain, increase appetite, and generally have a good time.

Vape High

Vaping highs are somewhat similar to smoking highs, but are also quite different. First, you will feel a considerable head high, but not much regarding the body. So that’s means you’ll feel it in your head only. This can be a positive if you want to go do something instead of being stuck on a couch. Also, since there’s no smoke, you’re mouth won’t be nearly as dry and you also won’t smell as much. That’s a huge advantage to some people. Also, since there’s no smoke, you won’t be exposed to harmful carcinogens, just the pure THC. However, vape highs don’t last nearly as long as smoking highs. If you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll find yourself sober pretty quickly compared to when smoking. This can be offset with more sessions and you won’t be using more weed since vaping uses much less than smoking. Still, vaping highs are very enjoyable and you’ll be in a good mood after your session.

Comparing vaping high vs. smoking high is all about preference. If you want to feel it more in your body and don’t want to smoke as often, then smoking is for you. If you value efficiency, no smell, and a healthier way to enjoy marijuana, then vaping is for you. Whichever you choose, or if you like to do both is all up to you. Just remember to enjoy responsibly.

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