The Benefits of Vaping

While many people enjoy using various methods of ingesting their fine herb, may it be smoking, edibles, or vaporizing. All of these methods have their own charm, but vaporizers brings unique advantages to the table. There are many benefits of vaporizing including:

1) Free from toxins and tars

Marijuana contains an approximate of 66 active compounds. These collectively are called cannabinoids. These influence our immune systems, thus allowing to protect our nerve cells from premature death. Also influences include memory, movement, appetite, and sleep. Smoking marijuana risks one from many unwanted toxins and tars. Vaporization releases the active compounds in cannabis to be inhaled safely without releasing toxins.


2) Avoiding risks of respiratory problems

Smoking marijuana may be considered less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, research still indicates that smoking causes increased risk of respiratory diseases and potentially cancer. Vaporization allows the cannabinoids to be released without harmful smoke toxins.


3) Immediate Relief

Vaporization has rapid onset which allows for immediate pain relief and symptom relief. This allows for the user to stay ahead of their pain especially where symptoms can escalate quickly.


4) Potent dosage with controlled delivery

Vaporizing delivers the most potency while still offering the user to control dosage at the same time. This allows the user to receive the same pain relief, but with less medicine. This also means this method is more cost efficient than any other smoking methods out there. Vaporizing truly gives the most bang for one’s buck.


5) The Smell

Marijuana has many great benefits, but it is a smelly substance. Sure, we may love the smell of a freshly cracked stash jar, but the smell in the smoke can get on clothes and furnitures and potentially revealing your habits to people you don’t want knowing about it. Worse, smoking joints and bongs can leave cannabis oils on your teeth and fingers, leaving very stinky and hard to remove evidence. Vaporizing does not leave any residue and since there isn’t any smoke, the smell is minimal. Also, you won’t be bothering anyone with your second hand smoke or stinky smell, which will make your neighbours happier, especially in apartment buildings.


6) Safety

Since vaporizing uses a temperature-controlled heating element, there is no open flame, thus no risk of accidental fires. Imagine smoking a joint during a nice session, but the phone rings from the other room. Putting down a lit joint leads to more risks of accidental fires. However, with a vaporizer, you can turn the unit off, or leave it on since there’s no open flames and go on with your business without worrying about setting your home ablaze. The only thing blazing will be you when you get back to your smoking session.


Marijuana brings many benefits to the table and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Vaporizing is the best way to enjoy all those benefits while leaving most of the risks behind. It’s an easy decision.

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