Vaporizer Review: Da Buddha

Da Buddha Vaporizer is branded with a laughing buddha on the front. After spending a few minutes with this device, you’ll be brandishing that same grin on your face.

What is Da Buddha?

Da Buddha is a table top vaporizer, but isn’t very big. It’s coloured in silver or black and is a vertical cylinder on a sturdy base. There are two different models, a 120 volt and 220 volt unit. There’s a heating element enclosed in a glass tube and an adjustable temperature knob on the front. Also included is a glass wand and plastic hose which when combined, make the sucking piece for the device. It’s a very sleek looking device and is very simple to use.

 Vaporizer Review: Da Buddha

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How to Use it?

To use your buddha, just set your temperature knob to the max to let your unit preheat. After a few minutes, turn the knob to about the middle setting. Then, grind up some marijuana and lay it on a surface. Grab the wand connected to the tube and on the mouthpiece and suck to collect the bud in the other end. Then, simply attach the glass piece to the heating element’s casing and enjoy. When you pull a toke, you’ll see the vapor pass through the tube and into your mouth. Remember to take small, shallow puffs to get the best results. After you’ve fully cooked your herb, just empty it into a container, but don’t throw it out because those leftovers can be used to make edibles.

Why Buy it?

Da buddha is one of the top vaporizers on the market, but doesn’t cost nearly as much as others such as the Volcano. It’ll cost you around $180-$210 depending on where you live and which model you choose, but it is well worth it. It’s very simple to use and has a 3 year manufacturer warranty. With this device, you’ll be using less bud, but still getting that big high you’re looking for. Also, since your vaporizing and not smoking, you’ll get all the essential cannabinoids without the carcinogens found in smoke. Also, no smoke means less smell so your neighbours won’t be complaining if you live in an apartment or townhouse.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a table top vaporizer and don’t want to blow out your wallet, I fully recommend Da Buddha. It’s a less expensive than its major competitors and works very well. I do warn that when using Da Buddha to make sure you don’t blow into the mouthpiece when you’re using it because weed will be pushed into the heating element, causing the weed to burn and create smoke. But if you follow the instructions and use it properly, it will be an essential tool on your coffee table. I’ve spent many afternoons sitting on the couch, watching TV or playing videogames while using the Buddha and I’ve always been left with a smile on my face. Use it enough and you’ll feel like you’ve reached Nirvana.