What Are Oil Vaporizers

Vaporizers are machines that allow you to enjoy your marijuana at its fullest. Like any other tool, there are many different types of vaporizers that come in many shapes and sizes. Many vaporizers use ground up marijuana, but there is another type out there: oil vaporizers.

What are they?

Oil vaporizers are the most portable types of vaporizers. Since you aren’t smoking actual marijuana buds, the vaporizers are a lot smaller and more compact. Most oil vaporizers are called vape pens because they are shaped thin and long, just like a pen. Instead of using marijuana in its original form, these vaporizers use the essential oils that are extracted from marijuana.

What do they use?

Now, when it comes to oil vaporizers, they use two different types of marijuana: oil and glycerin. Oil is created from large amounts of marijuana and has been extracted after a heating process. These oils can come in many forms such as wax, hash, and oil. All of these can be used in oil vaporizers and are very potent. Since you’re smoking the concentrated version of weed, you will get high from just a small amount. That’s a huge advantage because it takes away from getting busted with any bud if you’re out in public.

Glycerin is created when weed concentrates are dissolved in a solution of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. This creates marijuana tinctures – a very potent liquid that should be used in small doses. A good number of oil vaporizers are glycerin only and are meant to be used only with these tinctures. Depending on where you live, tinctures may be more difficult to acquire (but you can make your own) so that needs to be a factor when you’re thinking about which oil vaporizer you want to purchase.

How much do they cost?

The prices vary from $60-$200 dollars depending on the model and all have different advantages they bring to the table. Some oil vaporizers do allow the use for both oils and glycerin. However, they usually come with a conversion kit or separate attachments needed to work with glycerin. This may be a bit of an inconvenience if you’re on the go, but it does give you more options. Some of the top oil vaporizers out there are the Atmos RawThermoVapeG-Pen, and Cannacig.  Deciding if you want to drop that much money on such a small item will depend on the ease of getting oils or glycerin and how much you value portability and stealth.

Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy your habit wherever you go without anyone bothering you, then oil vaporizers are the way to go.

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