What is a Vape Pen?

With the growth of vaporizer technology in the past few years, consumers are starting to use a variety of vapes for their varying needs. Many are now asking: what is a vape pen? These are smaller sized vaporizers that allow consumers to enjoy cannabis conveniently in almost any situation. Sizes are typically less than 4 inches and are designed to burn concentrated essential oils – completely revolutionary to the vape industry. There are now more than a dozen different models on the market which can provide a range of affordability, stealth and ease of use.

Vaporizers take advantage of conduction heating and can be run using only lithium ion batteries. Many can even be plugged into a usb outlet for charging the battery. What this means is greater portability and smaller sizes overall. A metal element sits inside the unit and the substance is placed directly on top or near it allowing it to heat directly and activate the chemical ingredients in a vapor form. Popular consumer units have been tested and approved by the FDA, some of these are Atmos RawThe G Pen, and CANNAcig.

Some factors you should consider when deciding which vape pen to buy are its heat range capabilities, its battery setup, whether it uses glycerin or concentrates heat up time and of course, its price. You typically have the be 18 years or older to purchase, but it’s worth it. Those who are capable of purchasing one have found it to be significantly more healthy than smoking.

Of course a vape pen will never have the strength of some of its commercial sized brethren such as the Volcano, but it provides the consumer with much more convenience and stealth. For some the price might be too steep for such a small unit and best be saved towards a more powerful one, but those who can spare $100-200 for a vape pen will certainly be pleased with the ability to bring it everywhere you go and use it pretty much wherever you want. Don’t forget that vaping has a much weaker smell than burning.

One caution is that if you do intend to use your piece a lot then make sure you understand the warranty. With heavy use some units will not last as long simply because they are designed with cost efficiency in mind and aren’t for heavy consumers. If you feel a vape pen will fit your needs, then it’s an essential tool in a consumers arsenal.

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