Why Vapes Are Changing The Game

Fire and marijuana has been a combination used by our forefathers. But with new technology, we get to enjoy things that were unimaginable in the past. With the invention of vaporizers, or vapes for short, we are able to enjoy marijuana in its peak form.


Better For the Body

Vapes use controlled heating elements to heat your marijuana to the desired “sweet spot” when all the beneficial cannabis oils are released. However, since there is not open flame or combustion, you don’t get all the undesired carcinogens and tar found in smoke. Instead, you get to enjoy a vapor that is smooth on the lungs, but provides quite the kick. It’s the best of both worlds.

Bang for the Buck

If you’re trying to smoke on a budget, then I highly recommend vapes. The amount of marijuana it takes for one smoking session is dwarfed when compared to the use of conventional rolling papers and pipes. For example, when you roll a joint, it may canoe or not burn properly, wasting your precious investment. However, vaporizers use the full amount of the weed; there is no waste. When you’re done vaping your bud, you are left with dark brown leftovers. Do not throw that out. You can collect a bunch of the leftovers after a few sessions and make baked goods from it. It’s truly the best way to stretch a bud.

Less Smell

Marijuana is wonderful, but it’s easy to tip off people to your use of it. If you live in an apartment complex and ever had neighbours complaining about your weed, then vapes are for you. Since smoke is not produced, the smell is greatly reduced. Also, since residual oils don’t become stuck on your teeth or hands from pipes and joints, you won’t smell nearly as much after a session. The vapor produced does not stick on clothes and furniture. There are even portable vaporizers that allow you to enjoy your habit on the go without tipping off the people around you. If you want to keep you habits on the down low, then you should start vaping.

New technologies are revolutionizing how we do things in our daily lives and why should weed smoking be any different? Vapes are a healthier, cheaper, and more discreet way to enjoy your bud. Come to the 21st century and start vaping. It’s changing the game.

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