Why Vapes Are Healthier Than Smoking

Be it marijuana or cigarettes, there are many health risks of smoking. Granted, smoking marijuana instead of cigarettes doesn’t expose the body to harmful chemicals found in cigarettes such as ammonia and arsenic, but our lungs are not meant to inhale smoke. For a daily weed smoker, you may start coughing more and have reduced physical endurance.

The problems lie in combustion. When marijuana is set on fire, either from a pipe or joint, the fire creates smoke that releases the essential cannabinoids that are responsible for the relaxation and pain relieving properties of marijuana. Unfortunately, fire also releases carcinogens due to its high temperature. Enjoying weed on a daily basis is not as harmful as cigarettes, but it still does pose some health risks of smoking.

That’s where vaporizers come into the picture. Vaporizers are machines that use exact temperatures to draw out the essential cannabinoids and THC out of the marijuana and leave all the other harmful things behind. Marijuana combusts at around 392 degrees and a joint can burn as hot as 2012 degrees. Vaporizers have temperature settings that allow the marijuana to hit the “sweet spot” of 338 degrees, when the maximum amount of cannabinoids is released. Since there is no actual flame combustion, the harmful carcinogens found in smoke are never released. Instead, the consumer is treated to a vapor that is easier on the lungs and overall healthier to the whole body. When you use a vaporizer, you may think you’re inhaling smoke because it looks similar, but that’s not the case. You’re treated to a smoother vapor that is healthier and doesn’t smell as much as smoke. The vapor is 95% smoke and carcinogen free.

A widely spread weed smoking technique is to hold in the smoke in one’s lungs after a toke. We’ve all heard this before and the reasoning behind it is that it increases the power of a toke. However, the only thing you’re doing when you hold in a toke is allowing more carcinogens to effect the lungs. 95% of the THC in marijuana is absorbed in the first few seconds of inhalation, which debunks the myth. Vaporizers encourage the smoker to take shallow, small puffs to allow all the THC to be absorbed without putting unnecessary strain on the lungs.

There are many other advantages to vaporizers, such as using less marijuana and it being a cleaner, less smelly way of smoking, but the biggest advantage is health. Marijuana is a great plant that allows people to deal with problems such as anxiety, pain, and depression. However, there are many health risks of smoking so vaporize instead. It’s much healthier.

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